Tri-Bavaria3 Event

Entry Fees

Individual Sprint and Olympic Triathlons
$100 thru April 15th
$110 thru August 1st

Relays Sprint and Olympic
$150 thru April 15th
$180 thru August 1st

Super Sprint
$45 thru August 1st

Online Registration
Closes Wednesday before the event at midnight

Onsite Registration - CASH ONLY
Day before: add $10 to above pricing
Day of: add $20 to above pricing 
Relays: add $20 to above pricing 

Registration/Packet Pick-Up


Day of  Kids Event
Saturday from 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

ADULT Day Before (Saturday)
2:00 - 5:00 pm.  

Day of Event Adults Sunday
Sunday from 6:00 a.m. - 7:00m ONLY

If the cap is reached before/day of registration and you haven’t registered, you won’t be able to participate. Please check the status of the event before coming out day before/day of registration.


We do not cram as many athletes as we can on a course to make another buck. Every course has its limits to ensure everyone can not only race fairly but safely and actually race vs. a long line of athletes weaving in and out on a crammed course.

Once our cap is reached, the event will be closed.

Day of event registration will close promptly 45 minutes before the scheduled start time of each event unless otherwise noted. DO NOT arrive late.

Registration will be located under the chapel gazebo. Please follow the registration signs and look for the big "Registration" flag.

Items to bring to check-in 
* Drivers license or picture ID
* Helpful to bring a printout of your registration confirmation

You will not be permitted to race without a picture ID. 

Items you will receive at check-in
* Bib number
* Shirt (only guaranteed if registered within 14 days of the event) 
* Partner supplied samples (please only one sample of each product) 

**To cut down on landfill waste, we do not use gear bags for the items. You may want to bring a reusable bag or cinch sack.

Each team member must sign their own waivers. The bib number will be withheld until ALL team members have checked in personally. Once all members have checked in, THEN the bib number will be released. Unless all team members check-in together, the bib will be given to the last member signing in. 

Checking in another athlete
Each athlete must pick up their own packet. You may not check-in for another athlete.  

Exceptions: A parent or guardian may pick up for their child.  You may check-in for your spouse provided you have your ID and have all their necessary items to check-in and their photo ID.

Note: Participants 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to sign event waivers.

Multi-Sport 101

Date: Saturday before the event - August 3, 2019
Time: 5:00pm 

This is geared toward the newbie but has enough information and tips for the savvy veteran. We were the first to host multi-sport 101 before events, starting over 10 years ago. Now most quality events have some version, but we have been told by athletes across the country that our multi-sport 101 is the best. The race director will walk you through the entire event, start to finish, answering your questions along the way and giving you tips. 

The goal with every class is to calm down those pre-race butterflies and reduce some of the anxiety so you can sleep a little easier the night before your big event. We will start from the time you arrive onsite race morning through your departure following your big finish. Please check the week of the event for potential time changes on the class. The 101 class will start in the Transition Area and each class is weather permitting so it has the potential to cancel even that day. Classes will typically run between 45 to 90 minutes, depending on questions and the event. Occasionally we will have a special guest as well.

Body Marking

All athletes and all relay members will be body marked with their race number. After picking up your chip and strap please proceed to the body marking area typically designated with a large BODY MARKING flag. You must have your bib number for this process.  

Event support crew will be marking race numbers on your swim caps, biceps, tops of hands, and quadriceps. You will also have your event code marked on one calf. T = Long Course, S = Sprint, SS = Super Sprint, D = Duathlon, R = Relay, H = Half. On the opposite calf will be your age.

Timing Chip & Strap

Each athlete will be assigned a timing chip and strap. These will be available race morning unless otherwise stipulated in your race confirmation. After check-in, bring your race number to the TIMING CHIP flag where a support crew will hand you a timing chip that corresponds with your bib. Please DO NOT take your own chip off the boards. You MUST physically show your bib number to the support crew in order to pickup your chip. NO exceptions.  

You are responsible for this chip and strap once it is handed to you. Failure to turn it in for ANY reason will result in a $40 charge.  

You must wear your chip and strap on your ankle for the entire event, start to finish.  

Chip collection will NOT be at the finish line unless stipulated ahead of time. Chips and straps will be collected on your way out of the transition area, once we open it for gear retrieval. Please do NOT turn them in ahead of time, unless it is to a 3D crew member.

Timing & Scoring

We provide all the timing and scoring services for each and every event we host. This will be with ChampionChip or Chrono Track timing systems.

Throughout the course, there will be sets of timing mats or gators, typically under structures, indicating finish, bike in, run out, swim finish, etc. You must cross over these areas. Do NOT avoid them or attempt to jump over them.

Every effort will be made to supply you with a swim, bike, run, transition 1, transition 2, and finish times. However, it is explicitly expressed that the electronic timing systems are not fool proof. They are electronics and computers which are outside in the elements and they are not perfect systems. We along with any other timer out there can only score what is captured in a system.

Preliminary Results
These are posted at the event in and around the post event areas. This area is designated with a large purple RESULTS flag. Results are rarely 100% final at the time of the awards ceremony due to post race corrections.

Your results will be posted on the event website under the RESULTS tab located on the home page as well as event page. Every effort is made to post these by the following morning or within 24 hours of the event.

ANY and ALL timing questions and inquiries must be sent to: results@3disciplines.com

Emailing or contacting event management in any other way will not guarantee an attempt to retrieve results.


Bib Number
At registration you will receive ONE bib number that the runner must wear on the front of their chest, since they will be crossing the finish line.

Body Marking 
All relay members will get body marked with the bib number assigned to them, so they can all be identified on the course.

Timing Chip and Strap 
The athlete competing in the first discipline should securely attach the timing chip to their ankle. The chip and strap should be handed off to the next relay member inside the Transition Area ONLY at the designated RELAY area. Each athlete should only wear the chip on the ankle, never on the wrist. Do not just grab it and go. You must make sure it is secure on your ankle before leaving the Transition Area. Exchanging outside of the Transition Area could result in a disqualification.

Transition Area
There will be a designated rack(s) for RELAYS only. This is typically near one of the exit/entry points. Please make sure all relay member’s gear is in this designated area. Even when the Transition Area is closed, relay members may still have access to the Transition Area to warm up and prepare for their discipline.

Event images
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