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The race is actually in 3 spots. Registration and finish line are located in front of the police, fire and city building on W. Lake St. The start of the event is behind the buildings at the beach in the marina next to the break wall. The Transition Area is located in Downtown Petoskey, about 400m away on Bay St. 

The entire swim course is protected by the breakwall and takes place inside the marina. This means no matter how rough the water is in the bay, we swim in smooth, calm water protected by the breakwall. Some participants in the past have seen 4+ foot high waves on the other side of the breakwall, while we swam on flat calm water. The bike is one of our favorites - it is hilly to rolling, but what goes up must come down and that is truly a fun ride. Tuck and go baby! If a lot of hills is not to your liking, the sprint race is perfect. 

You can see from the past year’s bike times the course is not difficult. It is beautiful scenery though, and the run course ranks up there too - also one of our favorites! Running along the bay, then along the Bear River is exhilarating before a very fast downhill finish that starts about a mile back on the Bear River service road.


Transition Area

European style racking which is side by side, one long continuous rack. Again, this is 400m away from the finish and beach. It is located downtown on Bay St. There will not be designated spots at this event, first come placing. 

ONLY athletes with numbers will be allowed in the Transition Area at all times. The transition area is located up above Highway 31 on Bay St. YOU MUST get set up and back to the swim start in time. This will not be set up till Saturday evening. It is a small flat area on the street. You will need to get your gear ASAP, following your finish. 

Opens - 6:00am 
No friends or family members allowed in the transition area for any reason. The race director and race officials will close the transition area 30-45 minutes before race start to ensure all athletes are at the starting area for mandatory course meeting and announcements. Once the transition area is closed, you will NOT be permitted back in before the race starts. Family/Friends will not be permitted in for any reason at any time throughout the event. 

When the last cyclist is off the course and has headed out for the run. This time is variable and we will make announcements at the event when the transition area is ready to re-open. 

Any athletes removing gear from transition areas before the announcer or race director has officially opened the transition area will be DISQUALIFIED from the race! This pertains to all athletes of all distances. All athletes deserve a clear transition. 

In the event of inclement weather, it is recommended you have warm, dry clothing outside the transition area to put on following your finish due to other athletes still being on the bike course. 

Timing Chip
When you have completed the race, please do NOT enter the transition area wearing your timing chip. PLEASE remove your chip before re-entering the transition area and exiting again. This will cause a timing error. 

You must rack according to your race number, based on the sequence numbers placed at the end of each row. Please remember racks will hold 7 bikes racked with the seat tip on support bar. Please be courteous to fellow athletes to ensure there is space for 7 bikes on a rack. If there is not enough room for your bike on your designated rack, please see a 3D Team member and we will help. Please do not move another athletes bike or gear. 

Aid Station
Located at the run in/out chute with water and electrolyte replacement. 

Run In/Out and Bike In/Out chutes are clearly marked on the large structures at either end.  It is your responsibility to go the right direction while racing in the transition area.



Swim: 500m or 1000m

Both swims will be entirely protected from what could be rough water in the bay. The long course is 2 loops of the short, you do not have to exit the water for lap 2, simply swim around the front buoy and continue for lap 2. You will start in the water just off the marina beach. The water at the start is where the Bear River empties into the bay, so this runs about 5-8 degrees cooler than the water a little further out in the marina. You will exit the beach and follow the chute and cones about 400m to the Transition Area on Bay St. 

You may have shoes available for your jaunt up there. 
Water temps range from upper 60s to mid 70s.
Wave starts will be posted at packet pickup/registration.

Water Temp: Friday 61 - 62.  
Wetsuits are available - reserve by Monday online. Then first come basis at registration on Sunday morning.

Download GPX

Download GPX


2mi Kayak / Paddle Board

First and foremost ensure you are entered into the correct event at registration!  

Kayaks and Paddle boards will be placed on the beach opposite the swim start corral. inside your own flagged corral. This will be indicated by Kayak / Paddle Board start sign.

Your wave will be indicated on the wave start sheets posted on the black information boards. Typically this will be the first wave for long course and then 20-30 minutes later for the short course.  

You will line up 5 feet behind your kayak, when the horn goes off you will begin. Most courses will take you along the shore line out and back following 2’ neon green buoys out and back. Sprint turnaround will be indicated with a black S on the buoy.  

When finishing your Kayak / Paddle Board discipline you will beach your kayak or paddle board inside the flagged corral then proceed under the swim finish structure crossing the timing mats to complete your time for the Kayak / Paddle Board discipline.  

You will then mesh in with the swimmers exiting the water and head into the Transition Area to complete the rest of the event.

You are required to have a life jacket.

Kayak Rentals

Rentals are available for the Petoskey Triathlon
Please contact Bahnof Sport:

Bike: 20k or 25 mi

Please see maps. There are many turns on the courses - all are marked as all our courses are with a series of 3 and 4 arrows approaching each intersection.  ALSO - Make sure you are in your climbing gear before leaving your bike in the transition as you have a 1 mile climb immediately after the timing matts. 

 Both Sprint and Olympic athletes will both go RIGHT on Cedar Valley off of Click, Sprint athletes will proceed down about 2k to your TURNAROUND point and head back.  

Olympic Bike Course:
UP BAY STREET to E. Lake to Kalamazoo - Kalamazoo / Mitchell (police), Kalamazoo / Hill (police); RIGHT Northman; LEFT on Mcdougal at the new football stadium; STRAIGHT THRU on Atkins (POLICE); All the way to Click; LEFT Click; To Right for Olympic athletes; LEFT Cedar Valley / Ecker; LEFT Bear River/Evergreen; STRAIGHT THRU Harmon / Maxwell; LEFT Maxwell / Newsome; LEFT Maxwell / Greenwood; LEFT Greenwood / Atkins; RIGHT Olympic athletes come down the hill on Atkins and Sprint athletes are turning LEFT off of cedar valley, there will be a  coned lane for Sprint, coned lane for Olympic;  RIGHT McDougal and back to transition.  

SPRINT: After making your turnaround on Cedar Valley/Echert you will make a quick right on Greenwood and follow that to a very fast, steep downhill bringing you to Atkins.  There will be a support crew volunteer half way up this downhill telling you to slow down as you are coming into a LEFT turn onto Atkins.  You MUST use caution at this point, as you will be merging with Olympic distance athletes potentially coming from your Right.  They will have a "Thru" lane created for them along the shoulder.  

On your return trip you MUST be on the brakes coming down Bay St. You could easily reach speeds of 40mph down this stretch. You must use caution coming back into town on this downhill heading back to transition. 

Remember this is an OPEN course! You will be sharing the road with vehicular traffic. Use caution at all times. It will be your responsibility to print maps, and know the courses. It is the athlete’s responsibility to know and understand the courses. 

Helmets are a must. No helmet - no race. MP3 players on the bike course are an automatic disqualification. 

Due to the actions of a few athletes in past events, we are making you aware not only in this event, but ALL events, whether hosted by us or any other event management company, YOU MUST OBEY ALL OFFICIALS and EMERGENCY VEHICLES on the course AT ALL TIMES!! The bottom line here is that your race time is not more important than an EMERGENCY or OFFICIAL on the course. In the event of an emergency, you MUST obey official’s requests and you MUST STOP and pull off the road for any and all EMERGENCY VEHICLES to get through. This is not only to ensure that emergency vehicles can proceed, it is for your safety as well. Any athlete who does not adhere to this rule will be disqualified from this race and all 3D Discipline races for the rest of the year.


Run: 5k or 10k

Exiting the Transition Area on Bay St, you will follow the ramps down to the marina, heading back the exact same way you ran from the swim. When you hit the swim chute, you will continue south on the path to the bay view path. This will take you along little traverse bay to your Sprint or Olympic turnaround points.

From there you will head back to a RIGHT on Wachtel to a LEFT on lake crossing at the fire station and running up Quintance to the path along Bear River valley and then flying back down to the finish line in the park.

Download GPX

Download GPX



You will start with your specific swim wave. Check the information cube at the event for wave start information.  

You will complete the Swim and Bike disciplines of the event. Following your Bike discipline, you will dismount your bike, cross the Bike In timing mats and place your bike back at your spot on the rack in the Transition Area.  You will then proceed across the Run Out timing mats and you are done! Your finish time will be when you cross the timing mats at that point.

DO NOT re-enter the transition area through Run In/Out or Bike In/Out. This will cause a timing error.  

Finisher Memento 
If the event offers a finisher’s memento, please proceed to the finish area to receive the item. Tell the support crew at the finish line you were in the aquabike race and they will hand you the finishers memento. 

You will keep your timing chip & strap on until all the bikes are off the course. Once we announce the transition is open, you may turn your chip & strap in at the designated collection point and retrieve your gear at that point.

Race Tips

Be prepared for a little chilly swim start. The reason is the Bear River dumps into the marina right at the starting point. So the water actually warms considerably as you swim around the course. 

Hustle over to the Transition Area and make sure your bike is in your climbing gear first. You climb a mile straight up to the top of Petoskey immediately, then you have about 2 miles of really fast riding before getting out of the city neighborhoods. The best tip is don’t relax on the downhills. I see too many athletes using these as coaster descents. Do what you need to get the lactic acid out of them and then click down and go. By the time you start another climb, your heart rate should be good and lactic acid out, so you can climb again. Remember to stay loose when climbing, when you are tense climbing you use more energy. I like to tell people that bike should feel like a noodle underneath you. It should move with you in unison. 

On the run, take advantage of that 2.5 miles along the bay, plenty of people and flat running should get you going. When you get to the bridge on the way back where the aid station is on the Bear River service, drive - put the hammer down all the way to the finish line, don’t let up, it is downhill the entire way.

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