POWERMAN-Mich-Stack Event
Powerman Michigan

Event Rules

Event Rules

In our efforts to keep every race safe and fair there are specific rules we have adopted and in some cases modified to ensure you and your families safety as well as making the events fair for everyone.  

1. Yelling at or using profanities in any way shape or form towards Powerman staff or support crew will not be tolerated and will result in automatic disqualification and could result in a suspension from events.  

2. Use of any recording type device on the courses is strictly prohibited by athletes participating.  

3. The filming of an athlete on a course will result in a disqualification unless prior approval is given by management. 

4. Pacing will not be allowed. You cannot follow or be followed by a fellow athlete, friend or family member at any time on the course by any means.  This will be deemed pacing in any form and therefore will result in disqualification.  

5. Changing waves or switching events without informing event management BEFORE an event begins will result in disqualification.  

6. Adjusting or moving another athletes gear in the transition area when their gear was placed first will result in a 5:00 minute penalty.

7. Throwing trash on the course at any time before, during or after will result in a 5:00 time penalty for the first offense and disqualification on the second.  Designated trash throwing areas are only at aid station spots and approximately 25m before and after.

8. Failure to comply with emergency vehicles and/or event management staff during an event will result in automatic disqualification.  Emergency vehicles and personnel have the right of way at ALL times and an athlete must give them that right of way by doing everything possible to get out of the way. 


Event management reserves the right to postpone, change format, modify courses or cancel the event at any time. The safety of athletes, staff, support crew, and officials is our top priority and will never be compromised.


Event management is not responsible for late arrivals, athletes not finding a venue, misdirected or delayed for any reason.   Late arrivals will NOT be issued a chip and strap and you will not be allowed in the transition area once it is closed. Again, there will be NO refunds for any reason.

Inclement Weather
Event management reserves the right to cancel an event due to inclement weather or the POTENTIAL of inclement weather.  Every attempt will be made to host an event whether in it’s advertised form or altered form.  Under any circumstance a refund or transfer will not be issued.  Athletes safety will not be compromised.

Mandatory Bike Check-in (ONLY when applicable)
If an event has mandatory bike check-in you must check in your bike during the designated check in times. Failure to do so will result in not racing and again no refundswill be given.

First time event, Athlete Experience
Athletes participating in his/her first "long course" event must be ready for that long of an event.  If you are not you must ask registration to put you in the sprint distance event!  There is no charge for this.  

Age Participation Rules
You must be 17 and older to compete in Powerman distance events.

You must be at least 10 years of age to compete in Powerman sprint events.

The race director will have final say for anyone racing at any event.

*Top 5 Men and Top 5 Women Overall and within each age group will qualify for the National Championship.  Top 3 will receive awards. 

**A 5 yr. age group must have at least 5 athletes in that age group to be scored.  If it does not it will change to a 10 yr. age group.  For example, 30-34 would become 30-39.   

Timing Chips
A lost chip will be billed directly to the athlete for a $40 fee and may result in no times for event. It is in no way event managements responsibility to post a time for an athlete who has lost his/her chip during an event.  It is his/her responsibility to ensure that chip is on at all times.  


All race fees are non-refundable.  No refunds are allowed. 

Transfer to Another Race
Transfers to another 3 Disciplines owned event are allowed.  All transfers must be completed two weeks prior to the event in which you are registered or the event you would like to transfer to whichever is sooner. The transfer fee is $15.00 plus any potential difference in race fee.

Events that do not fall under our transfer policy include:  Cannonball Run, Sister Lakes, Xterra Rockport Rugged and I Tri for Mac.

Transfers may be made within the current race season only.

Transfer to Another Distance
You may switch between the Olympic and Sprint distances at any event.  Please contact us at info@3disciplines.com to change your distance or you may do so at the registration tent at the event.  No fee to change distance.

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