Team-ATP Event
Cannonball Run Aquathon


Best way to describe this is FLAT! 

The swim will be in the spring fed lake which is a clean, clear lake Team ATP has used for years as their teams practice venue for open water.  

The run course is around the lake and a quick section out of the park and back so again flat. This will use the paved park path as well as crushed limestone and blacktop.  

Transition Area

This will be a flagged transition area, basically just a place to set your gear, towel, etc. A big rectangle area, first come, first serve find you piece of grass and claim it. This area as with all events we host will be off limits to friends and family members. This is for your safety, their safety, and there is to much gear in this area to have others milling about. So please do not bring friends or family into the transition area for any reason.  

Run In from swim and Run Out to the run course will have a flagged chute opposite each other. Obviously the Run In will be on the water side and Run Out on the parking lot side.  

Team ATP / nor 3 Disciplines will be responsible for lost or misplaced gear, keys, phones, etc. PLEASE make sure your gear is labeled with your name on it. Especially wetsuits, most are black these days so make sure it is labeled with your name on it. 

Run: 5K or 1.5 mi

You will start exiting the Transition Area up following a crushed limestone park path next to the parking lot. This will take you out of the park to Shust Road. Following that out to the sidewalk bringing you up to Barnard. From there you will head into the curb lane coming back past the park to the dead end at the highway. Turning around there and heading back into the park at the park exit. From there you will follow the fence line along the parking lot, onto the park path to the opposite side of the lake all the way to the dead end there. Turning around and coming back to the pavilion where you will perform a down to the lake, up to the parking lot, and back down to the lake in the finish chute. This Z at the end of the course will give you a 5k and provide a great vantage point for friends, family and spectators with the last 3 tenths of a mile performed right at the pavilion. REMEMBER this is a Time Trial start, so you will never know where you are on the course which means you are racing the clock. Taking it easy through the final Z of the course could mean several spots in the overall standings.  

Sprint athletes will follow the same course, at the split just before the trail sprint athletes will make a quick LEFT / RIGHT into the finish line for 1.5mi.  

Aid station will be at the sprint/long course split. 

Course markings will be chalk.


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