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Powerman Hawaii


The run courses will start and finish on the high school track.  Then take you up above the high school on a slow gradual climb to a turnaround point.  Then it will be a lightning fast descent back down to the high school and into the transition area or finish on the track.  

The bike courses will utilize the Ane Keohokalole highway, Palani, Queen Ka'ahumanu highway and the climb being on Hina Lani parkway for a 1,2 and 4 loop course.  

Course cut off: 5:00 hrs.  Raffle / awards will start at 12:30.  

Transition Area

Open at 5:00am not before!  in the parking area just outside the track area.  

No Friends or Family members allowed in the transition area for any reason. ITU European style transition formats will be used wherever possible.  If you are unfamiliar with this style of racking it is one long row.  The race director and race officials will close the transition area 30-45 minutes before race start to ensure all athletes are at starting lines for mandatory course meetings and announcements. Once the transition area is closed, you will not be permitted back in before the race starts. Family members will not be permitted in for any reason. 

In the event of inclement weather, we recommend you have warm, dry clothing outside the transition area to put on following your finish due to other athletes still being on the bike course. Thank you for your cooperation in following these rules.

You must rack according to your race number, based on the sequence numbers placed at the end of each row. Please remember racks will hold 7 bikes racked with the seat tip on support bar. Please be courteous to fellow athletes to ensure there is space for 7 bikes on a rack. The transition area is closed until all athletes are off the bike course. Any athletes removing gear from transition areas before the announcer or race director has officially opened the transition area will be DISQUALIFIED from the race! No questions asked. Your race number will be taken down and you will be disqualified. Sprint athletes this goes for you as well, you must wait until all the athletes are off the course and race officials open the transition area. All athletes deserve a clear transition. 

There will be an aid station at the run in/out chute with water and electrolyte replacement. Athletes wearing their own chips, PLEASE remove your chips before re-entering the transition area and exiting again. This will cause a timing error. Run in/out and bike in/out chutes are clearly marked on the large structures at either end; it is your responsibility to go the right direction.

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Run: 2.5k or 5K and 10k

Starting out on the track, flying around then exiting the school track at the back end utilizing the cross country course up hill to a quick out and back on the baseball field. Exiting the ball fields, keeping you on campus you will head straight up to the back of the campus, a short jaunt off road then you will wind your way between campus buildings with cheers and music the entire way.  It will be a fast, exhilarating run unlike anything else you have done.  Then you will fly back down hill 400m to the "hot corner" with bikes exiting to your right as you fly down on the track for another lap or jet into the transition area in front of hundreds of cheering spectators.  You will complete ONE FULL lap on the track each time around.    

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Aid Stations: Located every mile with Lemon-Lime Gatorade Endurance Formula and Water and Pepsi.

The course will be clearly marked with flags and cones.

Run Course Cut off Time: 12:30 PM (5:30 hrs)

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Bike: 14k - 28k - 56k

Exiting the parking lot at the high school you will head right down to the Ane Keohokalole to a LEFT turn into a coned lane.  That will take you right down to the Palani downhill RIGHT to a super fast downhill on the bike lane bringing you to a RIGHT on the Queen Ka'ahumanu highway.  From that point you will fly down the Queen Ka'ahumanu a few miles to a RIGHT on Hina Lani parkway.  The climb begins here for about 800m straight up back to a RIGHT on the Ane Keohokalole. 

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Aid Station Powerman distance athletes only, You will hit this 3 times on the bike. Water, Lemon-lime Gatorade Endurance Formula will be available.

Bike Tech provided by: 


Bike Course Cut off time: 11:00am - Event cut off time 12:30 p.m.

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Race Tips

I have had the pleasure of riding and running this course for years.  Well before the Ane Keohokalole was even open to traffic.  Since the first ride of this loop I told Annmarie years ago this is the perfect loop for a race at the high school.  This will be a great test especially if things heat up out there.  It really is going to be a race where you need to race smart.  The climbing can be deceiving as it will actually start about half way down the Queen Ka'ahumanu  and really not end until the parkway and Ane Keohokalole  at the light.  So you could say half the course is a slow gradual grinder to spots where it is out of your saddle climbing.  It will start to wear on everyone in the Classic distance on that 3rd and 4th lap.  Of course what goes up must come down and you will enjoy that fast decent down Palani with no pedaling needed.  You can really distance yourself from your competitors on this climb.  

The first run in events with this multi-loop format has been more of a get a feel for the rest of the field run so I would pay attention to the course where it hurts a bit more to you.  The steepest part begins at the end of the track up to the dirt section, about half a mile up.  Once making that turn you really just need to let it go and let gravity bring you back to the track.  Then it is a simple question, who wants it more if you enter the track with someone else.  

The question mark being March is it could be hot and it could be windy, so check the weather and be prepared.  Racing smart in those conditions are the ones that have a great race.  


SPRINT RACE - 2.5k run, 14k bike, 2.5k run

There will be a specific High School wave.  Depending on the number of kids this may or may not be broken into Boys, Girls and  Relay.  

You will rack with your team in the high school specific area of the transition area.  

You will be scored Cross Country style, a total of 3 athletes will constitute a full team.  You may have multiple teams representing a school.  For example Kealakehe 1,  Kealakehe 2, etc.  Lowest point total scores will represent 1st, second lowest 2nd and so on.  Top 5 will score and receive awards.  

A Travelling trophy will be awarded for all 3 divisions, to display in school and bring each year to defend or award a new champion.  

If your school registers by 21 days out, custom school color race shirts will be given as well.  

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