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Jammin in June - May Challenge

May finals

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The Scene
Dozens of athletes sent emails during the May Challenge commenting how it helped them, that was the goal, now it is time to keep it going into June. A little tweak to June will be the addition of performance improvement as part of the challenge and awards. Along with total minutes, we are adding:
  1. 1 mile or 5k run time base test. All out
  2. 6 mile bike time trial
  3. 500m swim - if available to do
  • You have from June 1 to June 10 to complete your tests.
  • You will complete your final tests during the final 4 days of June 27 - 30
  • You will want to make sure you pick a venue or course that you can use for future tests to log progress.
  • Pick a day that is not too hot, or windy to do your tests
  • If you have been spending the last months doing base mileage you might want to do a few pickups, drills, downhill run on grass to get some leg turnover or you may be disappointed or surprised with your test results.
  • Again these are all out tests so don't slow at the end give it all you have you will appreciate it at the end of June.
  • Total TIME (minutes training) accumulation - no mileage, please report in minutes, not hours and minutes, just minutes.
  • You can enter any day, the first official day is JUNE 1.
  • Only applies to swimming, biking, running, paddle sports (sport specific)
  • Workout time only, for example, a 20-minute cool-down walk around the block does not count, a leisurely paddle along the shore does not count, a cool-down tool around the neighborhood with the kids on your bike does not count. And spending 90 minutes lifting weights does not count as it is not sport-specific.
  • This is your total workout time sport-specific only, yes a cool down is part of your workout but be honest about it.
  1. The time MUST be emailed on a DAILY basis only. This is the athlete's commitment to the challenge.
  2. You must send a daily email by 9:00 p.m. with your time workout totals (swim, bike, run, paddle) if you work different hours let us know.
  3. We will not accept an email with make-up days worth of workouts, if you miss a day it will be entered as a 0 time.  
  4. As we did with May, we will have a June 29, 30 (48 hr.) random official end to total minutes. We will pick a random number between 1 & 47. This will be the official end of the challenge. We do not want to create a situation where athletes are doing something crazy in the last hour's attempt to catch other athletes.
  5. We will post standings Saturday morning for the week, and Monday morning for the weekends on the Facebook page and on the website.
This is obviously being done on the honor system, be truthful in front of your peers. 
  • Up for grabs in 2020 - we are adding a few other awards for performance as well as random numbers. Stay tuned for that announcement.
    Top 10 total overall time accumulation working out.
    10th - half off entry
    9th - 75% off entry
    8th - 1 free entry
    7th - 2 free entry
    6th - 3 free entry
    5th - 2 free entry plus friend not in our database
    4th - 3 free entry plus friend not in our database
    3rd - 4 free entry plus friend not in our database
    2nd - 6 free entry plus friend not in our database
    1st - Unlimited free entry plus friend not in our database 
    Everyone that beats Kenny’s numbers will get a grab bag T-shirt
3D Training Camp

training-camp Event

Camp 3D - Training Camps - coming in June & July.
Something we have had on the back burner for, well 22 years now. Kenny and Annmarie used to be Cross-Country and Track coach's along with teaching. So they used to host cross-country training camps that were very successful in many ways. The intention was always to bring this back and now is the perfect time. We have the perfect venue on the Paul Bunyan course, on the "quiet" side of the state of Michigan. Given the gathering limits of ten it is a really good number to host, versus the 20,30, 40 plus runners they used to host in the cross country camps. Final details and registration are coming soon but we will have camps in June and July. Some details:
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Swimming, biking and running
  • lodging and meals provided
  • you can either come and do your own thing, as we understand everyone may be at a different level or have a different goal in mind based on all of what is going on.
  • We will have marked courses
  • Training and racing tips as well as advice and personal coaching during the weekend, keeping the number at ten will make this a great opportunity for those that need education on our incredible sport.
  • T-shirt, Swim Cap of course, guarded open water swims in Cedar Lake, and more to come.
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