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Challenge Daytona BIKE TRANSPORT

Bike Transport

We have been offering various Bike Transports for over 12 years now.  As most of you know the majority of our offseason is during the winters.  So we seek out high-quality events like ours to partner with.  Offering our TEAM the opportunity to race somewhere warm together as a vacation destination event.  Since we take the RV to the events as well as their bikes we offer to take athletes bikes.  

We have partnered with the great folks at Challenge Family, frankly because Chuck, our longtime bike course coordinator which many of you know had the pleasure of racing in what is regarded as one of the best events in the entire World.  Challenge Roth.  When he came back and told us about the event he said it was 3D on steroids, the best event he had ever participated in.  He said top-notch, first-class quality so I immediately reached out to Challenge.  They loved the idea to help them promote their great event at Daytona Motor Speedway in Florida.  We have a 3-year agreement with them so we look forward to providing this great event to you as well as an easy, stress-free bike transport for you as well as our TEAM members.  

Cost: $150.00 
Includes: 1 bike and 1 gear bag.  (note this is not a suitcase, it is your gear bag)
The bicycle can remain together, race-ready.

Non-Refundable Deposit to hold your spot in the trailer: $50.00 Click here to reserve your spot. 

CLICK HERE - to make your non-refundable deposit

CLICK HERE - to fill out your reservation information

Date / Location

Date of drop off at warehouse: 

Address: Grand Blanc, Michigan area.  Once you have reserved your spot a confirmation email will be sent in November with address and specific drop off times available.  

If you live south of Detroit, in another state along I-75 we can arrange pickup at an exit.  This will be on a text basis as we cannot control traffic delays, so we will keep you updated via text message along the route.  It will be YOUR responsibility to get your bike and bag to the designated drop-off point on time.  We cannot delay pickups and will not be responsible for late arrivals. 
Email - Kenny@3disciplines.com 

DROP OFF POST RACE: We will be staying onsite at the RV Campground, it again will be YOUR responsibility to get your bicycle and gear bag to the RV following your finish.   

DROP OFF of Bicycle and bag post-event:  We will arrange the same style drop off for those out of state.  
In Michigan pick up date at Warehouse:

Challenge Daytona Event Information

Click here - for event information

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Use code 3d10 - when registering for the event HERE

You can check your confirmation registration for the event here: https://app.lap.io/event/2019-challenge-daytona/starters

They will be serving BASE NUTRITION on the courses on race days.  


You will be required to sign a waiver releasing us of responsibility for your bike and bag.  We will not be held responsible in the event something catastrophic happens.  We will transport your bike and gear bag in good faith in a trailer.  In the event we do get 30 plus bicycles there will be a blanket or pad between each bicycle.  We obviously cannot control bumps, holes, swerves, etc. during the 3000-mile trek to and from Daytona, Florida.  

There is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit via the link 

Balance of $100.00 will be paid with Cash upon bicycle and bag drop off.  
(no cash, no transport!)

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