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The Scene
In the laid back, relaxed, sunrise side of Lake Huron is Oscoda, Michigan.  Kenny's parent's retirement home will serve as the Camp 3D headquarters.  His father passed 9 years ago, and stepmother passed 2 years ago.  Kenny made the decision to keep the home that created 30 years of memories since his father retired there in 1989.  This has been a true labor of love project basically remodeling it from the ground up.  It sits 3/4 of a mile from the shores of Lake Huron, right on Cedar Lake.  It's one mile from the venue for the Paul Bunyan Challenge.  Kenny has been training here for 30 years when visiting his parents.   Cedar Lake is 7 miles long, with an average depth of 12 feet, so a very shallow lake means warm temps very early.  The roads in Lakewood shores are all tree-lined both gravel and paved.  The terrain around the 13-mile loop is flat as a pancake.  But as you venture outside of that, along the beautiful Ausable River or north, there is some nice rolling terrain.  Very light traffic, as again this is not the west side of the state. 
The home is not quite complete yet but will serve as a great headquarters for this year's camps.  (bathroom and sleeping accommodations are complete)  This will be an unbeatable bargain just for lodging and food, then you throw in all the coaching, training and goodies it will be the best $300 you have ever spent!  
athlete comments

This camp was an invigorating experience for me! All participants received
individualized training and were also able to share their own stories that included
personal successes and failures during their triathlon careers. The coaches had such
a wealth of experience with individualized training for all participants! We were
also able to learn many techniques about bicycle maintenance and simple repair
including chain replacement and changing flat tires! The atmosphere for both days
was relaxing and beautiful and the food was healthy and delicious! The cost for
the camp was not only very reasonable but well spent. I believe that all
participants in the second triathlon training camp enjoyed the experience as much
as I did! I highly recommend this camp for triathletes of all levels of experience.

Your training camp is the best cost effective investment I have ever made in my quest to meet my personal triathlon goals.  The training camp size and the camaraderie between the 3Disciplines training team and the training camp participants was excellent.   On a personal level, your hands on observation of my swim, bike and run techniques and your resulting substantive advice on how to significantly correct/improve those techniques via specific exercises and technique modifications has been game changing for me.  You also provided helpful practical advice regarding nutrition.  You encouraged a low key open dialogue with the training camp participants that resulted in a lot of questions being asked by all the other participants in general discussion sessions and substantively answered by you in easy to understand terms that I never thought to ask myself.  As a result, I learned a lot more useful information on how to accomplish my personal triathlon goals.  Bottom Line: the training camp was maximum bang for the bucks!

This camp is absolutely amazing!! As a newbie to Aquabike I was nervous about going to this training camp. All my worry was for nothing-Kenny quickly put me at ease.
Kenny sent each camper a questionnaire before camp asking each of us what we wanted to get out of camp. I listed several specific things and each of my goals was reached AND SO MUCH MORE!!
No question was too amateur or simple for Kenny. Every question asked was answered as if it was the best question ever asked!
Kenny easily made every situation a learning experience-dinner conversation was light and also included a session on nutrition and fueling for a race.
On Sunday our activities were interrupted by a huge thunderstorm. No problem-Kenny led a discussion on race strategies and held a workshop on how to change a flat tire to other bike maintenance.
I came to camp a strong pool swimmer with limited sighting ability and I just pedaled my bike. Now I sight with confidence and pedal with a purpose!
Thank you Kenny and 3DISCIPLINES Camp!

First thank you again for camp. I focused on coming in as a blank slate and I left with an overflowing box of tools in order to bring my multi sport adventure to levels I can’t imagine yet.
Best part is that my video game loving son has shown interest in triathlons. If he starts training with me (at his level) I told him I would drop down and do the Superman super sprint right along side of him the entire way. His eyes lit up like Christmas morning!

Being brand new to triathlons. You both welcomed me in as family. I immediately felt right at home and completely comfortable asking questions and trying new things. I honestly felt like I was the only one at camp and I had your full attention and support with everything.

With the current state of affairs, this camp was a shining light for me that reignited my passion for a healthy lifestyle!

Thank you for everything you do and I optimistically look forward to racing at your events for years to come! Fingers crossed, I’m highly anticipating a 2021 camp just to see and show my progression!
I was not sure what to expect when I registered for this camp. I just knew I wanted to increase my knowledge of the sport and gain some valuable insight from those who have been heavily involved with it for 20 plus years. The coaches worked very closely with me. I had amazing one on one time digging deep into my swim/bike/run mechanics. It was money well spent. I encourage triathletes of all levels to sign up for future camps!

The absolute best investment made in me was to register for the camp. I shared my weaknesses and now have the knowledge to turn them into strengths. The location is a serene setting. Honestly, the best are the hosts (besides being extremely knowledgable and supportive), they make you feel like family. If the thought has crossed your mind, do not hesitate a moment longer, register and enjoy the "all about you and chasing your dreams" weekend.

And a special thank you - I was not getting in the water what might I call "seaweed terror" - but with incredible support, I was able to overcome the terror. [PRICELESS]


Details: Saturday and Sunday

Dates:  August 15, 16

Camp size limit: 8 - we want to ensure everyone is getting as much coaching and education as possible.  

Arrival:  Oscoda, MI (address to be provided upon registration)
Friday evening / Saturday morning by 8:00 a.m.
Workouts begin at 9.

Departure:  Afternoon Sunday

Fee: $300.
Additional days available $150.00 after Sunday, please email Kenny@3disciplines.com 

After registering you will receive a detailed email with an address and a questionnaire to return.  


History and Accolades

Background Information: 

Kenny and Annmarie have over 12 years of experience specificially coaching track and cross- country on the high school level.  Then combined multi-sport coaching experience from all age levels totals well over 25 years!  They ran several highly successful cross country camps with more than 20 kids each time becoming very popular.  They both ran on the collegiate level and have coached over 2000 athletes from top 10 ranked multi-sport athletes, World ranked juniors to 3D team members.  It was and still remains their number one passion to help athletes achieve goals.  Witnessing athletes progress, educating them on how the body works and the power the mind has to push an athlete is a life rewarding process.  Kenny has accolades with ACE, NASM, and assisted in writing the first personal training manual for Bally's fitness clubs.  Personally, both Annmarie and Kenny reached all American status, with over 500 event finishes between them from marathon to Ironman to 1-mile events.  Kenny was personally coached by Gene Edwards in his beginning and then Dr. Douglas Briggs.  Their focus was making sure he understood why every aspect of their training was being done and he has taken that tutelage and honed it to his personality and proved it with his athletes through their successes.  

A personal message from Kenny and Annmarie

From Kenny:

Hey folks! I am really looking forward to this.  To get back to my roots, so to speak.  When we decided to give 3 Disciplines a go full time it was a very scary decision in that we would sell everything we owned, literally, and live on the road for 3 years to try and make it happen.  But it was also a disappointment as it required me to resign from teaching and coaching.  Teaching wasn't as much of a passion as coaching was.  But I loved coaching and thought I would be doing that for the rest of my life.  To watch athletes of any age progress from point to point is truly inspiring, amazing, and rewarding.  So I slowly cut back on the personal coaching until 3 Disciplines really took off and I didn't have time to devote to the athletes what I thought was necessary.  So it became a kind of side gig I did only when someone approached me.  When the goal of an Ironman became a bucket list item, athletes came to me asking to coach them to do an Ironman with little or no experience.  To enjoy and race anything of that distance, it has to become a lifestyle.  A process, a journey in which one enters for years to do it right.  So that is how the
multi-sport world has changed and the mindset of athletes.  

My goal for each athlete attending our camps is to answer questions, give experienced advice, ideas, and even work on some efficiency and mechanical issues.  Provide a relaxing experience with marked courses, safe swims, and a spot to enjoy the downtime on the lake.  There is not a ton we can do in 2 days but I will ensure all those that attend will leave a better athlete than they did before attending.  Again, if that is what they are seeking.  I realize someone may want to come just to put the time in with other athletes and that athlete camaraderie may be all someone needs as well.  I truly am excited to make these camps a permanent fixture on our calendar and can't wait to help athletes again!  



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