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There have been a lot of miles run around Lakewood shores.  My parents retired here when I was still running in college so those heavy 60-70 mile weeks many were done here in the summers.  Clean, fresh air and tree canopy along most routes.  It is a nice mix of dirt roads and blacktopped roads through the neighborhood. One negative if I had to pick one is there are no hills.  So when I wanted to do some power training I would jog over half a mile to Lake Huron and run the sand for miles and miles, as far as the eye could see.  


Cedar Lake
Is in Iosco and Alcona Counties.  It is a 7-mile long lake.  At its widest point it may be 200m.  It is a very shallow lake, averaging about 12 feet.  The deepest part of the lake happens to be in front of the house as it was dredged out to make an island.  Because it is shallow like that on heavy boat use days it can be cloudy.  But for the most part, it is typically very clear.  The lake this year in 2020 was 70 at the end of May, so it warms quickly.  It is a 1 mile swim from my beach to the Lakewood Shores Clubhouse beach, which is where the Paul Bunyan Challenge will take place.  


It is about a 12.5-mile loop around the lake.  A nice flat ride virtually tree-canopied the entire way with smooth roads.  Venturing outside the confines of the lake loop you can  head due north up US23 (which I have done many times) to Alpena.  Turning around and heading back for a 50-mile rolling smooth ride.  Then of course you have the sheer beauty of the river road that takes you along the beautiful AuSable River.  The site of our old Paul Bunyan course.  That can take you virtually all the way to Grayling over 100 miles.  All roads are very lightly traveled.  Being on the East side of the state, we don't have the travelers or population base that the West side does so it is great for training.  

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