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September 26, 2020 9:00 am

Selma, IN
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Same courses that have been used for years which is basically just a 3/4 out and back around the reservoir.  Starting off with a nice clear res swim with a rectangle time trial format.  The bike is a 20k loop with slight, easy rollers on mostly tree-lined, newly paved country roads which are lightly traveled.  The run course will utilize the same on the opposite side of the road but an out and back.  

Half Course Overview

Olympic Course Overview

Sprint Course Overview

Super Sprint Course Overview

*9:00 am – Half Iron distance athletes in the water
Approximate start times based on the time trial starts, this cannot be precise given the time it takes for athletes to enter the water in a time trial start.  
*9:25 am – Olympic distance athletes, duathletes and half runners start
*9:45 am – Sprint distance athletes, duathletes, 5k, 10k runners start
*10:00 am – Super Sprint athletes start


Opens – 7:15am   Course Map here 
No friends or family members allowed in the transition area for any reason. The race director and race officials will close the transition area 30-45 minutes before race start to ensure all athletes are at the starting area for mandatory course meeting and announcements. Once the transition area is closed, you will NOT be permitted back in before the race starts. Family/Friends will not be permitted in for any reason at any time throughout the event. 

When the last cyclist is off the course and has headed out for the run. This time is variable and we will make announcements at the event when the transition area is ready to re-open. 

Any athletes removing gear from transition areas before the announcer or race director has officially opened the transition area will be DISQUALIFIED from the race! This pertains to all athletes of all distances. All athletes deserve a clear transition. 

In the event of inclement weather, it is recommended you have warm, dry clothing outside the transition area to put on following your finish due to other athletes still being on the bike course. 

Timing Chip
When you have completed the race, please do NOT enter the transition area wearing your timing chip. PLEASE remove your chip before re-entering the transition area and exiting again. This will cause a timing error. 

You must rack according to your race number, based on the sequence numbers placed at the end of each row. Please remember racks will hold 7 bikes racked with the seat tip on support bar. Please be courteous to fellow athletes to ensure there is space for 7 bikes on a rack. If there is not enough room for your bike on your designated rack, please see a 3D Team member and we will help. Please do not move another athletes bike or gear. 

Aid Station
Located at the run in/out chute with water and electrolyte replacement. 

Run In/Out and Bike In/Out chutes are clearly marked on the large structures at either end.  It is your responsibility to go the right direction while racing in the transition area.


Swim: 200m, 500m, 1.5k, or 1.2 mi

Half athletes start at 9:00am. This will be a double athlete Time Trial start.  We will line athletes up based on their actual swim time for that distance in sets of 2.  Athletes will head out in the water with half distance first.  We will us a rectangle format keeping buoys on your Left.
Olympic athletes will start about 25 minutes later.
Sprint athletes you will start about 45 minutes later.

Super Sprint athletes will start after all the sprint swimmers have completed the course.

Route map for America’s Multi-Sport Festival Swim Course by Kenny Krell on plotaroute.com

Bike: 10k, 20k, 40k, 56 mi

Exiting the Transition Area, you will head out on the course LEFT with all LEFT turns in the outside lane.  (runners will be on the inside lane)  This is a slightly undulating, rolling course.  A 20k loop so Olympic distance athletes will complete 2 loops of the course.   Corners, intersections will be controlled by police/sheriff.  You will be making a complete loop around the reservoir.  Half athletes will complete 4 loops of the course with the addition of the short sliver out and back to make up for the extra 8 miles.   You will pass the transition area 4 times with folks cheering you on along the way.  Aid station for the half athletes just past the transition area at the venue.


Route map for Americas MultiSport Festival Bike by Kenny Krell on plotaroute.com

Run: 1mi, 5k, 10k, 13.1mi

Exiting the transition area Right heading in the opposite direction of the bikes.  It does not get much easier than this as you will follow the road around the lake on an out and back course simply turning around at your sign.  Olympic, Sprint and Super Sprint.  Aid stations please along the course at each mile.  You will simply turnaround and head back to the park merging off the road and head down the finish chute.  It is the same slightly rolling course mostly shaded.  Half athletes will do the same proceed to your specific turnaround and head back


You will have iced water, lemon-lime Gatorade Endurance Formula at every mile.


Route map for Americas MultiSport Festival Run by Kenny Krell on plotaroute.com


You will start with your specific swim wave. Check the information cube at the event for wave start information.

You will complete the Swim and Bike disciplines of the event. Following your Bike discipline, you will dismount your bike, cross the Bike In timing mats and place your bike back at your spot on the rack in the Transition Area.  You will then proceed across the Run Out timing mats and you are done! Your finish time will be when you cross the timing mats at that point.

DO NOT re-enter the transition area through Run In/Out or Bike In/Out. This will cause a timing error.

Finisher Memento 
If the event offers a finisher’s memento, please proceed to the finish area to receive the item. Tell the support crew at the finish line you were in the aquabike race and they will hand you the finishers memento.

You will keep your timing chip & strap on until all the bikes are off the course. Once we announce the transition is open, you may turn your chip & strap in at the designated collection point and retrieve your gear at that point.

Running events

Runners will enjoy the same course used by the triathletes and duathletes.  All runners will start with the duathletes approximately 9:30 a.m.  This start area will be located in the lower parking lot just the other side of the beach and fence area indicated with a start flag.  

Aid stations each mile, will be stocked with Gatorade Endurance Formula, water, ice, Pepsi, pickle juice/pickles and bananas.  

Register for the running events here

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In honor of all those who lost their lives on this day 19 years ago. We will never forget. ❤💔 ...

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Sprint Duathlon - 2.5k run, 14mi bike, 5k run
Sprint Aquabike - 500m swim, 14m.bike
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Super Sprint - 200m swim, 10k bike, 1mi run
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Triathlon, Duathlon, our exclusive TRI ONE program do the swim, the bike, the run, or kayak, stand up paddle board, or canoe. July 26th, Oscoda, MI. Follow this link for the details http://ow.ly/p6Ck30qWVhz
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For this event you can you can register for one event, if you want to get your feet wet for the competition before doing a full TRI. Options canoe, kayak, paddleboard, run, swim and bike.
Let's DU it July 26th!! Follow this link to register http://ow.ly/RyPX30qUyiW

The race has been rescheduled for October 17,2020
We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
As we all have heard, information about the coronavirus has been coming at a fast and furious pace over the last few days. The situation is much different than it was even 24 hours ago.
We had almost 400 athletes registered to come from 35 different states. If one of those athletes is positive for the coronavirus and transmits it to others, we are then facilitating the massive spread of the virus across the country.
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Olympic Triathlon - 1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run
Sprint Triathlon - 500m swim, 20k bike, 5k run
Olympic Aquabike - 1500m swim, 40k bike
Sprint Aquabike - 500m swim, 20k bike
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