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August 15, 2021 7:30 am

Vicksburg, MI
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A nice tweak to a great event, costumes are not required but a special award will be handed out.   Superwomen on Saturday, Supermen on Sunday.  Partner with your favorite Superwoman for a chance to win some of the very cool prizes to the top 10 Supercouple. 

Located just south of Kalamazoo and just north of Vicksburg, it is a perfect spot to host an event over a weekend like this. A nice small, clean, clear, calm lake swim with no houses, a flat all right turn bike course on smooth rural roads, and a part cross country part paved path run course that will keep you entirely inside Prairie View County Park.  

The park is just minutes away from downtown Kalamazoo, the Air Museum, Western Michigan University and plenty of hotel choices.  A great venue and event for both the experienced and first-time female multi-sport athlete. 

Annmarie makes this event special as she is in charge at this venue.

COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Event Prevention Guidelines

Superman – Superwoman events

Event Specific Guidelines: This section is specific to the Super event @ Prairie View
County Park, Kalamazoo County, MI. based on venue availability, amenities, space available, parking, facilities, ingress and egress to the venue and resources available in the community.

Start times for the two events to get 75 athletes participating in each event while adhering to the gathering limits within state mandates for Kalamazoo County.

Based on a current gathering limits of :100(the gathering number changes the timeline less numbers equal closer timeline)

Start Times: Determined by your race number
(Based on the Governors 100 gathering size limits for the Kalamazoo area currently and approved by park officials and county health department)
SUPERMAN – 7:00 am = (1 – 75)
SUPERWOMAN – 10:00 a.m = (1 – 75)

Athletes Responsibilities (MUST adhere to these guidelines per county health department)

1. Closely monitor your health 14 days leading up the event

2. Maintain a healthy condition; do not come to an event if you are feeling ill, have a
temperature, sore throat, groggy, or otherwise feel off

3. Arrive either ALONE or if racing with fellow athlete (Superman = male only in vehicle)
(Superwoman = female only in vehicle)

4. ABSOLUTELY NO Friends, Family, or Spectators will be permitted at this event!

5. Man/Woman participating in the two events cannot arrive together.

6. Arrive with mask and gloves on

7. ALWAYS maintain physical distancing at all times

8. Do Not shake hands, high five, fist bump, etc.

9. Cough or sneeze in a tissue or elbow

10. Avoid touching your face

11. Remember you must still sanitize even if you are wearing masks and gloves

12. Do not share equipment

13. Any athletes 65 yrs. or older are at an elevated risk

14. Online pre-registration ONLY

15. You must show your USAT card and driver’s license at transition check

16. You will get your temperature checked. If you do not pass you will not be allowed to participate and kindly asked to leave the venue.

17. Upon finishing, you will follow the chute to receive your finisher medal and proceed directly to the transition area where you will collect your gear and depart Prairie View County park venue. This will allow the Superwomen to arrive and get set.

18. Superwomen will be set in the transition area adjacent to the mens transition area to ensure physical distancing for departing Supermen.

Friends, Family, Spectators – NOT ALLOWED AT THIS EVENT.

** If athletes or support crew do not adhere to guidelines, 3 Disciplines, Park officials or County Health officials reserve the right to ask them to leave the event venue.
* Property of 3-D Racing, LLC

3 Disciplines Protocol

1. All entry/exit points will have hand sanitizer
2. All aid stations will have hand sanitizer
3. ALL Pre race/Post race registration, interaction is eliminated. Only online registration is accepted. It is a Touchless / Contactless entry / exit of the event.
4. USAT cards and driver’s licenses will be checked upon entry into the transition area by athlete showing card to transition check-in crew.
5. Support Crew will be kept to a minimum, essential only
6. All TEAM and Support Crew will be checked for temperature and recorded
7. All TEAM and Support Crew will wear gloves and masks
8. Venue will be designed with a Non – Stop FLOW THRU design ensuring athletes are in a constant one way flow
9. Transition area will have only one entry point, which will be at RUN IN Exit will be BIKE OUT only. Athletes will not be allowed in the out, and out the in.
10. Transition racking will be only 4 bikes per rack in an alternating fashion on either side keeping athletes at mandated physical distance
11. Event/Course meetings will take place in the transition area ensuring athletes are staying at their spot on the rack maintaining physical distancing mandated at that time per state guidelines.
12. Events will maintain our mandatory time trial start. Athletes’ start will be determined by his/her race number based on registration time.
13. Time trial start chute will be designed to accommodate one athlete wide, athletes MUST adhere to the 2m distance in the chute indicated by orange cone. That same protocol will be used for duathlon starts. There will not be any post event gathering of any sort, again the venue is designed for “Flow Thru” chute with finisher medal in chute to transition area for immediate departure to parking lot.
14. Support crew will wipe down to sanitize bike racks upon athletes departure making way
for the next race to go off as scheduled.
Pre Race
It is the athletes responsibility to ensure he/she is receiving event communications via email.
Constant Contact and Chronotrack as well as Facebook. This means if he/she have “opted out” they MUST opt back in. To ensure he/she has agreed with their mail provider to receive emails from us using those platforms. This is how 3 Disciplines will be communicating important and up to date safety information.
Athletes will be pre-assigned a race number based on the registration date. They will receive
this in several emails the week of each event. A board will be posted before the transition area
when arriving on site so they may proceed directly to the transition area to their rack.That
number dictates your rack as well as start position.
* Property of 3-D Racing, LLC

Transition Area

The transition area will only have one entry point and exit point. DO NOT enter at the exit!
Before entering the transition area you will have your temperature checked via infrared check.
You will show your ID and USAT card (if you have one) at that time. If you do not you will place your USAT $15 in the USAT cash bin.
You will proceed to your designated spot on the rack in transition based on your race number
which is emailed to you on Friday. Your race number, timing chip, swim cap, T-shirt, directions will be waiting for you at your spot. Maintain Physical Distancing at all times. There will be 2 transition areas holding 75 spots, one for Superman at 6:00 a.m. The other Superwoman at 9:00 a.m. Supermen will depart as they finish. Superwomen WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE VENUE or TRANSITION AREA until 9:00 a.m.

Starting Lines

Start lines will be chuted with flagging only accommodating one person. This is where athletes MUST practice social distancing maintaining their 2m between each fellow athlete. Time trial starts will be the norm for the time being, those starts will be based on your race number. Simply put, number #1 goes first, #2 second, #3 next and so on.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be at typical mile points with hand sanitizer. One support crew member with
gloves and face mask will be at each filling cups and distributing. There will be a garbage bin about 30m down from that point. It is the athlete’s responsibility to dispose of the cup. This will be a penalty for non-compliance. It’s recommended that athletes carry their own small flask of hydration if they prefer.

If in the event an athlete comes up on another athlete it is recommended by the WHO, IOC and WTO athletes maintain a 2m zone. Simply put, if you are going to pass, pass. Don’t hangout
behind someone. When passing, keep a safe distance with the other athlete. Drafting on the
bike will be strictly enforced on the bike.


Finish lines will be extended. Following your finish you will continue down the chute. Along the chute a table will have finisher medals and hand sanitizer. At the end of the chute you will have a bin indicating TIMING CHIPS filled with disinfectant. YOU will remove your chip and strap, RE-VELCRO and place it in the bin. Then continue down the chute to a water table followed by a Gatorade table. Again this is self serve filled cups on the tables. One Support crew member will keep the tables stocked. IF available following that table there MAY be a pre-packed snack.

Following that you MUST proceed through the CHECK – OUT chute. This will be located at the
BIKE IN/OUT transition area. A support crew member will ensure you have turned in your
chip/strap and then you will be directed when to enter, grab your gear and immediately exit to
the parking lot. You will not be allowed to hang out/mingle as the venue must get clear for the
next wave of athletes to enter. You shall exit the event venue and proceed to your vehicle.
SUPERMEN – it is crucial that you depart following your finish and adhere to this policy put in place by the county health department in order for us to start the SUPERWOMAN event on time.

Results / Awards

Will ONLY be available online and via the results app. Awards will be mailed directly to the
athletes following the event. No additional shipping charge as this is included in the entry fee.
* Property of 3-D Racing, LLC

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TRY This

3D_3Ponlysmalllogo75x70 Superman Triathlon

Weather looks great!! NO rain in the forecast.
Last days to sign up!
This Saturday, Holly MI
Get on your bikes and let's go!! 🚴‍♀️
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We are approaching the last days to register.
This will be a nice autumn challenge.
Get your bike and your running shoes and let's do this!!
Yes you can do both. #Run&Bike
#3Disciplines #TrainHard #TrainForLife

Choose your challenge!!
Start and finish will be a perfect location from the beach at Holly Recreation. You got Gravel Time Bike, OR Gravel Time Run. That's right do one or do both, the decision is yours. Distances too long for the run, no worries grab a few friends and run the gravel relay.
#3disciplinesracing #trainhard

In honor of all those who lost their lives on this day 19 years ago. We will never forget. ❤💔 ...

Hello athletes!!
Are you ready for a good challenge at a great destination?
We will be holding national championships at Lake Havasu, AZ on October 17,2020
This is going to be a Multi-Sport Celebration combining National Championship events, Draft Legal events and Age group events all on one weekend in one of the perfect spots to host such an event in the Oasis in the desert.
Register Today
#3DisciplinesRacing #SwimRunBike #TRI

Hey athletes get ready❗️ You don't want to miss this one. 🚴‍♀️
We have the challenge for you in Muncie IN
We have all approvals needed for this event September 26th
This event has challenges for all skill levels.
Don't wait register today!!
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Attention Indiana athletes we are coming to you for this great event!!
We have all approvals for this event.
Don't wait register today!!
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Hey all you heroes!!
Time for a little friendly competition.
This event has many levels of endurance.
Come on out and show off your Super Hero strength! 💪🚴
Register today http://ow.ly/SW4t30r3U5p
#3DisciplinesRacing #TRI #SwimBikeRun

Paul Bunyan is only a few days away. Time is running out, registration closes Thursday at midnight.
Get registered test your skill and ability.
Run, bike, swim, kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle.
Don't miss your chance, Register Now!! http://ow.ly/OEUx30r05fN

Last day to register.
You must get in on this event, it has something for everyone. And you can also do a TRI One event.
Sprint Triathlon - 500m swim, 14mi bike, 5k run
Sprint Duathlon - 2.5k run, 14mi bike, 5k run
Sprint Aquabike - 500m swim, 14m.bike
Kaya-Tri: 2 mile Kayak/SUP, 14mi bike, 5k run (CANOE, KAYAK, STAND UP PADDLEBOARD)
Super Sprint - 200m swim, 10k bike, 1mi run
Don't miss your chance, Register Now!! http://ow.ly/OEUx30r05fN

Attention athletes we have an event for you.
All skill levels welcome, come on out and push your ability. 💪
July 26th @ 7:30am in Oscoda MI 😀
Options Swim, Bike, Run, Kayak, Paddle Board, and Canoe
You can TRI one event or DU multiple.
#3DisciplinesRacing #SwimBikeRun #Kayak #PaddleBoard #Canoe

Triathlon, Duathlon, our exclusive TRI ONE program do the swim, the bike, the run, or kayak, stand up paddle board, or canoe. July 26th, Oscoda, MI. Follow this link for the details http://ow.ly/p6Ck30qWVhz
#3DisciplinesRacing #TRI #RunSwimBike #Kayak #Paddleboard

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